feasts, feasting, feasted
1) N-COUNT A feast is a large and special meal.

Lunch was a feast of meat and vegetables, cheese, yoghurt and fruit, with unlimited wine...

The fruit was often served at wedding feasts...

On the following day a feast was given in King John's honour.

2) VERB If you feast on a particular food, you eat a large amount of it with great enjoyment.

[V on n] They feasted well into the afternoon on mutton and corn stew...

[V on n] Starving dogs feasted on the human corpses.

3) VERB If you feast, you take part in a feast.

Only a few feet away, their captors feasted in the castle's banqueting hall.

Derived words:
feasting N-UNCOUNT

The feasting, drinking, dancing and revelry continued for several days.

4) N-SING: with supp, usu N of n You can refer to a large number of good, interesting, or enjoyable things as a feast of things.

This new series promises a feast of special effects and set designs...

Chicago provides a feast for the ears of any music lover.

5) N-COUNT A feast is a day or time of the year when a special religious celebration takes place.

The Jewish feast of Passover began last night...

At Christmas the visitors began their circuit of dropping in on the eve of the feast day.

6) PHRASE: V inflects If you feast your eyes on something, you look at it for a long time with great attention because you find it very attractive.

She stood feasting her eyes on the view.

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